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     who is the
     Team !


     Antonio the Explorer
     Mystical Journey
     into the
     spiritual worlds of
     Who ?

     Table of Content

     1. Who is AMBS
         Introduction ?
         you are here

     2. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 02 ?

     3. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 01 !

     4. What are the
         AMBS Teams
         Characters ?

     5. Who is AMBS
         Conclusion ?

     who is the
     Team !

     while What answers
     the intellecutal
     questions about the
     AMBS team
     is a mirror reflection
     of the AMBS Team
     physical life:
     (a1) our
         family n friends
     (a2) our
     (a3) our regrets
     the following page
     tell a little more
     about the two people
     and spiritual symbols
     in the AMBS.Teams
     the human being
     find peace with
     how they are in the
     present and moment
     is the person
     blessed with a
     Spiritual Gift
     most people will
     only dream about !

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