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who are the
AMBS Team Special Characters ?

Antonio the Explorer
Mystical Journey
into the
spiritual worlds of

Table of Content

     1. Who is AMBS
         Introduction ?

     2. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 02 ?

     3. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 01 !

     4. Who are the
         AMBS Teams
         Characters ?
         you are here

     5. Who is AMBS
         Conclusion ?

who are the
AMBS Team Special Characters ?

     more than
     lines and color
     on a computer screen
     the images of
     (a1) the sunset
     (a2) the stars
     (a3) the roads
     (a4) the mountains
     (a5) the birds
     (a6) the boats
     (a7) the people
     (a8) the tears
     (a9) the colors
     are spiritual symbols
     that remind the
     AMBS Team of
     (b1) good promises
     about the future
     (b2) guardian angels
     that guide us and
     (b3) dreams we still
     believe in
     without a doubt
     my favorite
     spiritual symbol in
     my artwork is the
     images of the sunset.
     my constant reminder
     that everything that
     brings our hearts
     will one day
     come to an end.
     my second greatest
     spiritual symbol is the
     images of the
     big birds
     a reminder that a
     guardian angel is
     most of the time by
     our side, guiding us
     and giving us ideas.
     another of my favorite
     spiritual character is
     the color purple.
     a dream that one
     day in the future
     the AMBS Team
     will live a life
     of harmony
     somewhere in the
     kingdom of
     end of who is
     AMBS special

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