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         What is Cleo's Miracle ?

         Cleo's Miracle is the story of a black female teenager who
         experienced a Divine Miracle !

         Cleo's Miracle is a twenty five page PDF booklet that tells
         (1) a brief description of the miracle,
         (2) the author definition of a miracle,
         (3) a brief description of Cleo's life,
         (4) the blessing of experiencing a miracle,
         (5) the curses of experiencing a miracle and
         (6) the author objective in writing the story !
         Thou Cleo's Miracle occurred over 85 years ago around 1925,
         the act of a divine force moving through you is a timeless
         event worthy of repeating throughout eternity.

         In publishing Cleo's Miracle I am more than telling a story about
         Super Natural Forces, I am introducing the world to a beautiful
         lady who gave my life meaning and purpose.

         to read the full story of Cleo's Miracle in the PDF booklet,
         click the link below:
         Cleo's Miracle - the PDF Book !

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