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Antonio the Explorer
journey into the world of

Amazon Mechanical Turk

an online work at home opportunity !

 Kaylese on a road - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         (01) What is Amazon Mechanical Turk ?
         (02) The Advantages of MTURKING !
         (03) The Disadvantages of MTURKING !
         (04) My Favorite MTURKING assignments !
         (05) Things to be careful of while MTURKING !

(1) What is Amazon Mechanical Turk ?

         Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURKING for short) is
         a work at home business opportunity that allow you to do
         online jobs or tasks for individuals, schools and businesses.
         The types of jobs range from very quick and simple task
         that do not pay a lot of money like simple yes, no or one
         word answers;
         to longer time consuming tasks that pays more money like
         writing long papers or completing complicated surveys.
         A few of the requirements to work and get paid MTURKING
         is an online internet connection and a bank account.

(02) The Advantages of MTURKING !

         The Advantages of MTURKING is straight forward and obvious,

         (a) you get to work in the comfort of your home,
         (b) you get to choose the hours you want to work and
         (c) you get to choose the jobs you want to work.
         While my personal favorites tasks are surveys, many other
         jobs exist like writing papers, doing transcriptions and making
         comments about websites.
         The major advantage of MTURKING is you paid for your work.
         In the six months I have been putting a lot of hours on
         Amazon Mechanical Turk I have been paid fast and

(03) The Disadvantages of MTURKING !

         The greatest disadvantage of MTURKING is the pay is
         incredibly low, on most days less than minimum wage.
         In addition to slave wages at time you have to worry about
         is the requester going to reject you work and pay you for
         your work quickly.
         Thou I have completed over a thousand tasks with over a 95%
         approval rate, it still hurts me when I get rejected on a hit.
         Another major disadvantage of MTURKING is their no form
         arbitration, if there is a disagreement between worker and
         requester, Amazon sides with the requester.

(04) My Favorite MTURKING assignments !

         As stated above my favorite MTURKING assignments are Surveys.
         Surveys are mostly a series of questions asked by a
         university students doings research about subjects like
         psychology, political views and new product research.
         When I first started MTURKING about four years ago, there
         were no survey available, buy now Mechanical Turk has
         hundreds of them that keep me very busy.
         The pay for jobs vary from five cents to five dollar with the
         majority of task being around 75 cents.
         When doing the task be careful that the requester do not
         take to much of your time, some requester will take over an
         hour of your time for a dime or quarter.
         Thou most surveys are entertaining and I learn some
         thing new, a few of the survey are mentally disturbing asking
         very personal questions and indirectly promoting racism.

(05) Things to be careful of while MTURKING !

         Like many other aspects of business life, MTURKERS
         have to be on the look out for scammers and identity thieves.
         To be safe while working on Mechanical Turk the following
         safety guidelines should be used
         (01) limit giving requester's your email address,
         (02) limit giving requester's your I P address,
         (03) never give personal information like:
         (a) social security numbers
         (b) bank account numbers
         (a) credit card numbers
         Because my credit is poor, I gambled once and took a chance
         on a task that paid over one hundred dollars and was
         Being greedy another similar offer came up and I felt burned,
         giving away a lot of personal information with no pay.
         Amazon Mechanical Turk rules have states requester's
         are not suppose to ask for personal information in task,
         many still do.
         While you can never get rich being an MTURKER, it is
         something to do at home that pays consistently with a
         large variety of jobs to do.
 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

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