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an online store that help you sells your art.

 Kaylese on a road - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         (01) What is Zazzle ?
         (02) The Advantages of Zazzle !
         (03) The Disadvantages of Zazzle !
         (04) Tools needed for success on Zazzle !
         (05) A M Benjamin Services Zazzle Projects !

(1) What is Zazzle ?

 Kaylese on a road - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         Zazzle is an online business that helps visual artist sell
         their artwork to general public and other businesses.
         Zazzle gives artist a chance sell their visual artwork on:
         (1) Posters
         (2) Postcards
         (3) Tee Shirts
         (4) Hats
         (5) Calendars
         (6) Photo Prints and
         (7) many other items !
         With a huge inventory of merchandise like poster materials,
         tee shirts, and hats, Zazzle can have your product ready
         for sale in 2 or 3 days.
         With a staff of experts in the field of placing fine art on
         almost anything and most modern equipment photograph
         industry, you can be very confident the buyer of your art will
         be getting a great project.

(02) The Advantages of Zazzle !
 Kaylese on a road - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.
         The three main advantages Zazzle are:
         (1) there inventory of merchandise
         (2) there equipment for making pictures
         (3) there knowledge of computer software
         Being a maker of pictures on all sorts of things for several
         years, Zazzle keeps in stock a huge selection of the finest
         papers for making prints, t-shirts for custom designs and
         almost any other items you can think that a picture can be
         put on.
         With Zazzle as a business partner, it gives you more time to do
         what artist love best, being creative designing the next
         artistic masterpiece.

(03) The Disadvantages of Zazzle !

 b n w rose - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         being in a business colaboration with Zazzle has two major
         disadvantages that sadden my heart.
         the first and major disadvantage is the number of artist
         working for Zazzle.
         with an inventory of over a million pictures and with several
         thousands artist in multiple fields, unless you are a well
         known artist the chances of your art work being seen by
         the public or art dealers are very slim.
         another major disadvantage of Zazzle is they review the
         art you want to sell to public.
         another disadvantage of Zazzle is it does not track views
         to your images.
         To manage your art work you need to know
         how many people view your art on Zazzle website, and
         to my knowledge today Zazzle does not measure how many
         times your art has been looked at there.
         while I have only one piece of my work rejected out of an
         estimate twenty five pieces of art I listed for sale, it is
         still freightening to think my work could be rejected
         Thou I listed a huge staff of art contractors as a
         disadvantage, success with Zazzle as with any business
         venture is dependent upon how much you market your
         Zazzle does give you tools to market your work with links
         to your private store on Zazzle and suggestion on place to
         market your art like Facebook and Twitter.

(04) Tools needed for success on Zazzle !

 Kaylese on a road - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         To be successful on Zazzle as an artist needs to have
         advance basic knowledge on uploading digital images
         and their dimensions.
         Digital images are mostly saved on a computer in three
         basic forms:
         (1) JPEG (2) Gif and (3) TIFF.
         Jpeg and Gif being are the most popular forms of saving
         images because they use less disk space.
         In uploading pictures artist should also consider the size
         of the pictures.
         thou printing on an 8 1/2 x 11 paper is normal for general
         purposes, for printing pieces of fine art on bigger paper
         larger dimension are required to show more clarity in the
         digital images.
         Picture that come from scanner normally come out as
         2300 x 1700 pixels which is almost 25 x 18 inches which
         make clear 16 x 20 posters.
         While technology exist to enlarge pictures, unless it is
         done right, the image will be fuzzy and give you a blurry
         One good thing about Zazzle is they will warn you about
         a fuzzy picture and not allow to sell and art that is blurry.
         Once you mastered the art of uploading and properly
         sizing pictures,
         placing your art on Zazzle or any other art website will be
         very easy.

(05) A M Benjamin Services Zazzle Projects !

 Kaylese on a road - by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         I have had my art work listed on Zazzle for over three
         years with no sales.
         My dream with my next project on Zazzle is to list a series
         of twenty five digital images that I wish to see on tee shirts
         and 16 x 20 inch posters.
         This time instead of just depending on Zazzle marketing
         I will market with the giants in social networking like
         Facebook, Twitter and Google +.
         While I accept the chances of my art work achieving
         a lot of sales is like winning the lottery, one in a billion.
         Creating and marketing art has at least given my life a
         purpose and something to do and dream about
         As an older man in his early 60's, art has melted my time
         on earth like butter and I know I am blessed with my
         Thank you for reading my stories about Zazzle.
 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

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