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Antonio the Explorer
journey into
Online Cyber Begging !

Christian Visionary pleading for Mercy !

         What is Online Cyber Begging ?
         What is a Christian ?
         What is a Visionary ?

 a memorial to my maternal grandmother

         What is Online Cyber Begging ?
         Online Cyber Begging is a poor person asking a rich person for a
         gift of money.
         The only difference is instead of begging on a street corner, this
         done on the internet through a website or press release.
         The Street Corner Beggar attain mercy on the corner by looking
         by looking sad or having a physical ailment.

         The Online Cyber Beggar only tools of attaining any mercy is the
         words and pictures he uses.

         Both Beggars success rate is small because compassion and mercy is
         in very people heart these days.

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         Why Cyber Beg ?
         Online Cyber Begging is like playing the lottery games,
         the chance finding someone to show you mercy is a million to one.
         But just like the lottery, if you do not play or you do not take a
         chance and ask, you will never get anything or no one will ever
         know of your needs.
         Thou the chances of success in Cyber Begging is slim, I am a
         believer in an Almighty God who can do miracles and have Faith
         my Savior can and will touch the heart of someone to show me mercy.

 a man looking down

         Why I Cyber Beg ?
         As an older man a few month from sixty with failing health, I have
         witness in my lifetime witness millions of jobs being destroyed by
         computer technology and sending jobs overseas.
         With very few opportunities to get a job because of race, age
         and sex, Cyber Begging is one of the last hopes to escape my life
         in poverty that forces me to:
         (a) eat in free food lines
         (b) live in substandard housing
         (c) existing only waiting to die alone and in want !

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         What is a Christian ?
         I consider myself a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ.
         As a believer in Jesus Christ I believe:
         (1) that Jesus the son of Almighty God came to earth from heaven
         and walked among men.
         (2) that while on earth Jesus performed many miracles only an
         Almighty God could do.
         (3) that Jesus woke himself up from the dead and ascended back to

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         What is a Visionary ?
         a visionary is a person who thinks
         they were inspired by a divine source to give a
         Spiritual Message.
         my visions are predictions of the future, but words of hope
         to bring Peace of Mind.
         to the person reading this web page I consider myself
         Lazarus and you the Rich Man like the new testament parable.
         while I am begging for your small change, in no way do I believe
         you will spend for ever being tormented.
         I believe in my heart only Almighty God is eternal and everything
         else have a beginning and end.
         he who hears the words of a prophet, will receive a prophet reward
         on judgmnent day
         under the picture is my prophecy to you !

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         Spiritual Guarantee Number One !
         somewhere in the
         there is a
         Spiritual Dream
         that will take you to
         Paradise the Home of Peace
         and there is
         Absolutely Nothing
         you can
         Say or Do
         to stop that
         Spiritual Dream
         from coming to you !

         Thank you for reading my web page
         Antonio the Explorer goes Cyber Begging -
         Christian Visionary begging Mercy !
         Please be the miracle I am praying for and give me a gift.
         Please be do not let my Faith be in vain.
         Please help me today !

please help me
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