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Antonio the Explorer
Journey To
Santa Cruz Beach

         Where is and what is Santa Cruz Beach ?

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         Santa Cruz Beach is a very large beach located in the city and
         county of Santa Cruz off my beloved California Highway "1"
         Santa Cruz is famous its Beach Boardwalk because it has dozen of
         exciting rides and great live entertainment.
         Some of my life greatest memories was time I spent at Santa Cruz
         with Antonio the Explorer and my friend Gwen.

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         Thou many people like Santa Cruz for the amusement rides, my great
         memories were created in Santa Cruz because the time my son, Gwen
         and me spent at the following locations.
         (1) at a park near a mini mountain
         (2) walking on a pier and watching seals
         (3) trying to take pictures of water splashing from a ride
         (4) riding the amusement ride "the sky rider"
         (5) the rides home from Santa Cruz

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         want to learn more about our experiences at Santa Cruz Beach
         or live vicariously by looking at some great picture about the
         landscape and rides at this great beach and boardwalk,
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         "Antonio the Explorer journey to Great Whale Beach !"
         the E Book is a collection of over 20 digital images with stories
         about experiences that could be the making of legends.
         The PDF version of the E Book serial can be found at:
         (04) http://ambenjamin79.tripod.com/00001-SantaCruz-01.pdf

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         visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and want a guide through
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